Earth911 Quiz #54: Are You a Mobile Phone Recycling Expert?

By Earth911

The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool of modern life, and new models appear every year like automobiles in the 20th Century. Old phones can pile up in the home or be recycled for cash, traded in on another phone, and sent through a variety of recycling programs to recapture the valuable metals and materials they contain. Do you know how to handle your phone’s end-of-life recycling?

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Hydrade: A Generous Smart Bottle for Water Charity

By Mitch Ratcliffe

Water is essential, but even when it is available most people don’t get enough of it. We need to share clean water on the planet to survive as a species. Hydrade, a new smart water bottle that tracks water consumption, delivers an ounce of water to charity for each ounce consumed. It comes with an iPhone or Android app that helps track water consumption and water contributions.

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Greenest Insulation Products for the Home

By Sarah Lozanova

Pliny the Elder was the first to write that home is where the heart is, but many older homes are drafty and have cold floors and uneven temperatures that can chill an environmentally aware heart. Do you remember the nursery rhyme about a cold, old house where even the mouse is cold? The good news for the mouse and anyone else concerned is that there are many weatherization products on the market to make homes …read more