Footprint by Footprint: Calculating Carbon

By Taylor Ratcliffe

Every day of your life, across everything you do and buy, you contribute to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Now, you can track the impact of all that activity — the stuff you buy, the places you go — to understand your carbon footprint.

There are many carbon footprint calculators available. And some are better at tracking different ecological impacts. So, pick one that calculates the information you want to know. …read more


How Can I Reduce the Cost of My Solar System?

By Sarah Lozanova

Have you considered installing a solar power system on your home? Do you have concerns about the affordability of a home solar system? This article is the last in a three-part series that explores the financial aspects of installing home solar.

Installing a solar panel system reduces your electricity bills for roughly 30 years, but it has a significant upfront cost. Let’s explore ways to reduce the cost of a solar system by …read more