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The Right Reusable Bags are Made In USA Confirming to the New Bag Laws!

They are made with 100% recycled HDPE #2 or LDPE #4 plastics. This is plastic recycled from common every day household plastics, like: grocery bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic packaging, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and other recyclable HDPE #2 and LDPE #4 plastic bags. Choosing manufactured products that were produced from recycled materials that can be reused and recycled is the best way to divert plastic from our local landfills.

Cloth Look-Alike Reusable Bags are Actually PLASTIC Made to Look Like Fabric!

The majority of the cloth look-alike reusable bags are made from non-woven polypropylene. Polypropylene is plastic! While this plastic is engineered to look like fabric, it is still plastic. The vast majority of cloth look-alike and cotton bags contain no recycled content and require significant natural resources and energy to produce and… are shipped into the US from places like… China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. As such, the manufacture, transportation and disposal of this type of bag require large quantities of non-renewable resources, which in essence… nullifies the eco-friendliness that is being touted online and offline.

The Right Reusable Shopping Bags can be Reused and Recycled Again and Again!

The Right Reusable Shopping Bags are durable and do not leak as the cloth or cloth look-alike bags. When reusing, they can be easily cleaned with detergent or disinfectant spray. After the bags are no longer useful, they can simply sent to community recycling facility, be returned to your local distributing merchant or organization, or returned to the manufacturer. No recycling programs exist for discarded polypropylene or cotton bags, which in effect nullifies the eco-friendliness for sustaining and limiting the use of natural resources, too.

Non-woven Polypropylene and Cotton/Canvas Bags are Not Recyclable!

The Right Reusable Shopping Bags are made with 100% homogenous materials and are bona fide recyclable.The bags made from cotton, require substantial energy, water, and pesticides to produce. Cloth look-alike reusable bags are usually made with different materials for handles, stitching, card board bottoms, plastic linings, etc. Recycling of mixed materials does not exist so these bags end up in landfills.

The Right Reusable Shopping Bags are Non-toxic and have a Low Carbon Footprint!

The bags we provide are produced to decrease waste, energy use and to increase the use of recycled materials. They are produced with lower Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions, lower solid waste generation, and zero water waste. Our bags are non-toxic. There is a great risk of poisoning by imported products because they may contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and chromium, which still today remains very high. Thousands of imported products continue to be recalled. Just keep in mind that the more imported reusable bags that are used, the more we deplete our natural resources, while accumulating more waste.

Click here to watch our video to learn which reusable shopping bags will harm the environment and why reusing is not enough!